My Must-Have Bedroom Decor Essentials

After buying my new mattress set and bedding set a few months ago I’ve kind of slacked off on decorating my bedroom. There were things I needed for my kitchen (Keurig anyone?), then I needed a low storage unit behind my sofa to store all of my husband’s Blu-rays and DVD’s, and then I needed to buy new frames for my Minted prints. Slowly but surely the room that had been my priority drifted off in to obscurity as a faraway land that time forgot. After I woke up this morning and made my bed I looked around and thought to myself, “It’s time to get this room finished. Enough is enough!” I hate not having my bedroom finished. 

So, to recap, my bedding is bluish/gray and white stripes. I haven’t bought anything else new for that room so everything else is replaceable. Here are a few of the essentials I’m eyeing from Wayfair that I’m thinking I need to pick up soon to make that bedroom the tranquil sleep zone it should be.

Breen Upholstered Headboard

I’m digging this headboard for a couple of reasons. I’m intending on painting the wall behind our bed a bluish gray (to match the bedding) and the rest of the walls will be a bright white. This headboard, in white, will stand out great against the bluish gray wall. I also love that it has a silver detail around the edges and just a bit of sparkle where it’s tufted. Ranging from $104 (Single) to $162 (Queen) it’s a steal

A bedroom essential! - Breen Upholstered Headboard from Wayfair

Weeki 6 Drawer Dresser

I thought about a dark wood dresser and I still might go that route but I’m also in love with this white Weeki 6 Drawer Dresser. I do love white in the bedroom because it looks so soft and clean plus there are only about a billion tutorials on Pinterest to paint or stain furniture so I could (probably) change it one day if I really wanted it to be different. The mirror doesn’t come with the dresser (it’s an extra $165.99) but I’m not a huge fan of mirrors in the bedroom so that doesn’t bother me. There are just too many horror movies that involve mirrors for me to sleep comfortably in the presence of a mirror staring back at me. 

A bedroom essential! The Weeki 6 Drawer Dresser from Wayfair

Brennan Entryway Storage Shelf

“But Ashley!! This is an entryway shelf! You can’t put that in your bedroom.” Please, hear me out. I have this weird little inlet between the walls in the bedroom and we have put our dogs’ crate in that little space. They sleep in there and it’s the perfect little cubby for them. That also means that, since the floor space, is taken I need shelving to go above them. I love this storage shelf for a few reasons:

  1. I can hang my necklaces on the hooks. If I hang a second bar with hooks below it I can also hang bracelets, scarves, belts, etc.
  2. The cubby holes can store perfumes, framed pictures, and other trinkets. 

So convenient! I love this shelf from Wayfair. I need this for my entryway.


Every room needs accessories and since that dresser is white it needs a few things to make it more colorful (especially in the absence of a mirror) and those little cubbies in the shelf need to store a few things. These are just a few of the things I’m keeping an eye on:

  1. Sand Mercury Hour Glass (because I’m a sucker for a beautiful hour glass!)
  2. Ceramic Elephant (because my mom loves elephants and it’s always good to have things in your home that remind you of family)
  3. Latitude Photo Frame (you can never go wrong with photos, right?)

Home Decor Accessories from Wayfair

 What are your bedroom decor essentials? Anything you consider a necessity that I left off my list?

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