What To Buy Your Wife for Valentine’s Day

It’s almost time for Valentine’s Day! I admit that until I was married I didn’t really care about Valentine’s Day. When I was a kid or when I was dating I actually cringed when this day came about because I just didn’t connect with it. People would tell me to celebrate it as a “love” day and use it to celebrate with parents, siblings, friends, etc and I agree that’s an awesome idea but it didn’t work for me. When I got married…everything changed. Now it’s a day I look forward to because I love spending the day making my husband feel awesome and I admit that I love being spoiled in return. It’s kind of like an extra anniversary and I love that! We already have two (we married two times in the same year…it’s a long story but we married in May then again in December and no, there was no divorce in there).  Adding in Valentine’s Day and I’m able to celebrate our marriage in February, May and December and that just fills me up with love.

So…I thought I’d piece together this little gift guide for all those guys out there wondering what to buy their ladies for Valentine’s Day (or maybe it’s just a guide for my husband so he can’t say he didn’t know what to get me). Anyway, here are a few things that would love to have for Valentine’s Day.

Valentine's Day gift ideas for the lady in your life

Chevron Coral Bow Apron ($36.95)

I mentioned it on my Facebook page the other day in a confession and I admitted that I’m an extremely messy cook. I am always spilling or splattering something on myself so I have developed a serious love affair of aprons. I discovered Flirty Aprons about two years ago and love their styles. (I had to update this post to tell you they just e-mailed me to tell me they are running a LOVE50 flash sale! 50% off and FREE shipping on all aprons now through Valentine’s Day!)

Chunky Lattice Throw Blanket ($35) 

No lie, I love my blankets! In fact, I’m cuddled up under two of them as I type this. I have my grandmother’s quilt on me and then I have a fluffy white one on top of that. It’s not cold but I love cuddling under blankets. I swear, one thing a girl (or me at least) can never have enough of is a good solid warm cuddly cozy blanket. Plus, it’s cold in February so it’s practical.

Pajamas ($128.00)

It’s kind of embarrassing to admit this but my husband actually said to me the other day, “I wish you wore real pajamas.” *Sigh* He’s right though because I do have a bad habit of tossing on these old gray sweatpants I have either a tank top or t-shirt. It’s decidedly not cute and I can’t blame him for asking me to wear something not covered in food splatter (see apron comments again). Well honey…now you’re chance to hook me up with some sweet new girly pj’s from Bedhead Pajamas

Valentines Day gift ideas for your lucky lady!

Let’s Unwind Tote ($18.00) 

First, who doesn’t love a great tote?! Second, I commute to work via public transit and I walk to the grocery store since it’s only a few blocks so a durable, reliable (and really cute!) tote is kind of a must. If I’m using it for my commute I can put my lunch, my book, my notebook/planner, my umbrella, my scarf and gloves in there and still be able to carry a cute, far more professional, handbag. If I decide to use it for groceries then it’s plenty big to carry the items I buy to last us a week or so and it’s much prettier than those bags you buy at the grocery store. Plus, this one is only $18 and currently being offered with free shipping from Nordstrom. What’s not to love?

Tech-Friendly Gloves ($36.00)

I’ve already mentioned it but I use public transit to commute to and from work. It’s way easier than trying to fight Atlanta traffic during rush hour. A huge pet-peeve of mine has been the inability of my gloves to work on my touch screens. The touch screens on my phone and iPad don’t pick up the touch of my gloves so in order for me to use my devices or read on my Kindle app I have to remove my gloves and have cold hands. I want to have warm hands and be able to use my devices. These gloves would be a sweet gift since the fingertips are picked up by those screens. WIN! 

Silver Leopard Necklace ($98.00)

Don’t even try to tell me he’s not awesome! I’ve mentioned countless times before how much I love big pieces of jewelry and this guy is just gorgeous! Since I’m in to statement pieces of jewelry I prefer items like this silver leopard because of their dramatic impact. I love a lot of very important work events and meetings coming up and he would just be perfect. 

What about you? Have you picked out any Valentine’s Day gift ideas yet?

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