Book Recommendations for February 2015

I read a lot of books and normally I wrote a post for every book I read so I could review it and share it with you all. Then I discovered that my blogging friend Sarah from Seriously Sarah? was sharing these book roundups of what she read that month and I thought, “What a genius idea!” So naturally I stole her idea and here I am with my first roundup of books I read in February, 2015. 

Audrey and Bill: A Romantic Biography

I was a bit disappointed in Audrey & Bill: A Romantic Biography. I expected this to be an in-depth look at the love affair between Audrey Hepburn and Bill Holden while they filmed the Hollywood classic film, Sabrina but it didn’t live up to expectations. It discussed the affair between Audrey & Bill but that was only a brief few chapters in the beginning of the book. It then continues on to discuss Audrey’s life after Bill and Bill’s life after Audrey. It wasn’t really a romantic biography and could have easily been separated into two completely separate books. I liked it but it wasn’t as described. Check it out on Amazon

Audrey and Bill - A Romantic Biography

The End of Innocence by Allegra Jordan

I loved (and I mean loved) The End of Innocence by Allegra Jordan. If you’re a happily-ever-after reader you may not love this one as much as I did but wow oh wow did I love it! It tugged on my heartstrings from the beginning and broke my heart quite a few times. I even cried on the train ride home from work after reading a letter from one of the characters. After I finished reading it I immediately jumped on Twitter and tweeted the author for about an hour telling her how much I enjoyed her novel. It’s a war fiction and it’s emotional but wow is it good. Check it out on Amazon

Lost in Shangri-La by Mitchell Zuckoff

 Being the history-lover that I am I was shocked that I was not already more familiar with this story. Toward the end of WWII a plane carrying 24 passengers crashed in a remote valley it seemed like civilization forgot on the island of New Guinea off the coast of Australia. This valley was referred to as Shangri-La. Rumors swirled that the villagers of Shangri-La were giants (7-feet tall by some accounts), headhunters, and cannibals. They were mostly nude covering only their genitals and it seemed they were people in love with war and combat. Of the 24 passengers only 3 survived the crash – two men and one woman. Would they survive amongst this primitive culture and how could they possibly be rescued out of this deep desolate valley? This real-life story is incredible! Check it out on Amazon

We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas 

There is so much hype about this book and I expected it to blow me away but I was bored senseless. I hated it. It’s nearly 700 pages and nothing happens. Literally. Nothing happens. It’s just one long rambling about a woman who grew up poor, wanted the world, and always seemed to come up just a little bit short of living her ideal life. She’s a whiny racist and I didn’t care for her family either. It was tedious and I continually wanted to give up on it but I persevered hoping something would happen (it didn’t). It’s a best-seller and a lot of people loved it but it was definitely not for me. Check it out on Amazon

Review of We Are Not Ourselves by Matthew Thomas

The Accidental Empress by Allison Pataki

I confess, this book did get a dedicated post but that’s because 1) it was too amazing not to dedicate an entire post to it and 2) I was on the author’s book launch team. She wrote last year’s NYT Bestseller “The Traitor’s Wife” which I loved so naturally I jumped at the chance to be involved in this launch. This book is amazing! It’s about Empress Sisi of Austria and she was quite a woman (after all she did only become Empress after she stole the Emperor from her sister after they were already engaged!). It’s historical drama at it’s finest. Check it out on Amazon

Have you read any of these? Think you’ll check any of them out?

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